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Smart datasheets and resumes for architects, engineers and project-based companies

  • Great for credentials, portfolios and corporate resumes
  • Keep one source of content and apply many layouts
  • Create new brochures and styles fast and easy
  • Highly customizable and collaboration ready

Why DossierOne? You didn't know you needed it!

Split format and content and put an end to the problems related with record management

Accessible and Centralized Content

DossierOne is a web platform to store all your credentials in a common place. Put an end to your data scattering and the mess among offices.

Filter and Search

Search through all your data, filter by specific fields, discard incomplete records... Set up dossiers in a few minutes and present them in multiple languages.

No More Continuous Edition

Creating a new presentation is no longer a problem. Set the layouts by yourself, in an easy an intuitive way, and then apply them to all your records. Is that easy.

A simple app to have all your content accessible, editable and ready to show

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Unlimited Possibilities. What's yours?

With a few clicks, you will be able to create new records or listings that show your experience and capabilities in a appealing way

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Right For Your Company! Built by your peers.

Project-based Organizations

Project-based companies need to prove their skills and experience in order to get new commissions. DosssierOne helps your team with a simple tool to host, share, update and re-format your project brochures and datasheets.

Professional Services Firms

Professional services and consultancy firms depend or their team's proficiency and knowledge to provide the right answer to client needs. DossierOne is conveniently designed to help organizations build a consistent corporate resume base.

Assets & Products

Firms that operate with assets and rental goods need to showcase them in a solid and neat manner. Benefit from DossierOne's simple approach to content and format when creating datasheets that describe your portfolio.

Right for:
Construction Companies | Contractors

Right for:
Architects | Engineers | Designers

Right for:
Real Estate & Equipment Rental Companies

Key Features. You'll love them!

One Source of Content, Multiple Looks

By separating content and style, you'll be able to create, edit and share dossiers, datasheets and brochures in different languages and with different looks in a productive manner. Pick your records and export them with any layout and avoid re-writing your data over and over again.

Split Screen Editor

Translate and compare your records conveniently with DossierOne's split screen editor. Give your content the consistency you need and create new versions as required. You also get editing permissions so you can fine-tune who is able to read, create and modify content within your organization.

Visual Layout Editor

DossierOne's layout editor lies at the core of its simplicity. Once your fields are defined, arrange them as blocks inside a page, apply style and format as you wish and include freefields to hold repetitive data. You can define as many layouts as you want!

Easy Dossier Set Up

Select records, add them to the dossier pane, and reorder at will. You will be ready to show a new dossier in a matter of minutes. DossierOne will help you to show your work, assets and capabilities to potential clients in an easy and consistent way.

How does it work? So simple!

1. Define your data structure

Establish areas and categories that describe your organization's structure. Then create custom fields to capture the information you care about. Once your record blueprints are clear, design as many layouts as you need to present your data.

2. Input your records

Create unlimited records by filling in the blank fields. Each record has its own gallery to hold images and media. Translate your content with the split-screen editor and don't worry about screw-ups, DossierOne also keeps versions.

3. Create dossiers on the go

Whenever you need it, pick the records you want and create dossiers and single-records PDFs with just one click. Pick any layout you defined and keep your documents always up to date. Be ready to show your references!

Records, Layouts & Dossiers

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